Wellness Through Counseling

Salma Abugideiri, LPC

I have been practicing as a counselor since 1995, serving individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. I have experience working in non-profit agencies, as well as in private practice. I also provide supervision, training and consultation.

I use a strength-based approach that combines my knowledge and experience working with a variety of counseling models. I prefer to focus on each person's strengths and capacity to find solutions that fit each unique situation. 



Virtual sessions are conducted through a HIPAA compliant secure platform for clients located in Virginia. Limited in person sessions are available with Rafee Al-Mansur or Masumeh Farchtchi.

Rafee Al-Mansur, LMFT

I have been providing therapy since 2015. In this time, I have learned a great deal both from my educational training and from the stories and experiences of my clients. While no two stories are exactly alike, I've worked across a broad range of issues and have learned to identify common patterns and pitfalls that we as humans tend to fall into.

I use my empathy, knowledge, and curiosity to help my clients better understand themselves and their current situation. As our understanding grows, together we explore the steps needed to bring life to a better and more peaceful place.

Masumeh Farchtchi, MFT-R

I believe the stories we tell about ourselves are powerful. My job is to support persons in the amazing process of authoring themselves. I use strengths-based approaches to individual, couples, family, and group therapy. Interpersonal dynamics are a focus of my work.  I believe relationships are the crucible of a person’s mental health.

As a recent graduate in marriage and family therapy (MFT), I am eager to use my evolving expertise in family systems to help people grow, heal, and reach their goals. My biggest strength is openness to new possibilities, meanings, and connections.  I integrate here-and-now techniques like play and enactments with insight and skill-based techniques to co-create a personalized platform of growth for each individual, couple or family I meet.  I utilize ongoing research and proven evidence-based practices to support each unique therapeutic journey.



Individual counseling is a joint process between you and your therapist in which you work together to inspire change and improve the quality of your life.



Under the guidance of your therapist, marriage counseling provides a safe space for couples to explore challenges and achieve harmony in their relationship. 



Many issues can affect the health of the entire family. Family therapy promotes collaboration among family members to solve the issues of one or more individuals.


Why Counseling?

Even the most competent people can experience life challenges that make them feel overwhelmed sometimes.

Counseling provides a safe, professional, non-judgmental environment that allows many people to find solutions to the problems they are experiencing.


Process Difficult Experiences


Identify & Understand Root Problems


Create a Plan for Personal Growth


Improve Relationships & Quality of Life

Learn Effective Skills & Coping Strategies

Reasons to seek Individual Therapy

  • Overwhelming worry and restlessness in specific or general situations
  • Feelings of hopelessness and loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Inability to prevent rumination on troubling or negative thoughts
  • Strong emotional reactions in response to certain triggers
  • Deteriorating physical health from high levels of stress
  • Increasing social isolation and loss of connection
  • Lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating
  • Addictive behaviors to escape from distress


1364 Beverly Road, Suite 303 

McLean, VA 22101

Salma Abugideiri, LPC
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Rafee Al-Mansur, MFT-R
(703) 828--5189
Masumeh Farchtchi, MFT-R
(703) 679--7286

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